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"Shift has made my life so much simpler"

Siena S.

Volunteer Coordinator

Flat Rock Brook Nature Association

Siena was navigating a maze of disorganized tools to manage her volunteer program. Then she found Shift and realized how much time she had been wasting.

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Your volunteer management tools should be working for you, not the other way around.

An easy-to-use dashboard for organizing your volunteer program. Keep tabs on your volunteer schedule, hours, and emails all in one place.

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Tell the story of your volunteer program with accurate data.

 Tagging and easy-to-use downloadable reports help you find essential
program insights in your data

Attendance reporting

Hours logging

Easy data export

Detailed reports

“Volunteer shifts are filling themselves!”

Candice D.

Volunteer Coordinator

HART Theatre

Candice was new to volunteer management when she started her job. Volunteers were used at every event, but there was no centralized list of volunteers to contact.

She completely transformed her volunteer program by using Shift to unify her volunteer database and bring her most important tasks into one place. Candice loves how Shift looks and the ease of use for she and her volunteers!

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